When NeoFill first started in 1999 out of the home of Jim and Michele Varga they had no idea that they would be pioneers of the discount deal program. Growing from a team of 2 handling all aspects of the business, NeoFill increased to a 9 department operation and moved 4 times to accommodate their growing infrastructure. Expanding from 5 media partners to 1,500 media chains and brands in all 50 states, they now offer a multi-faceted online marketing solution that will change the way you think about internet marketing.


With just one of our platforms you can make upwards from $114,000 to over a $1,000,000 in ONE year. Now factor in our 3 other platforms and over 50 plus complimentary services; your possibilities are endless. We are determined to provide you with cutting edge technology to create a tailored marketing strategy that will increase revenue, build customer databases, and increase your overall brands awareness all the while keeping your efforts to a minimum.


We specialize in e-commerce platforms that include weekly and daily deal white-label solutions, ticket and merchandizing solutions, an auction solution, and a risk free marketing solution. And unlike so many in our industry, we go the extra mile giving you an extensive range of fulfillment services that include secured printing, inventory management and warehousing, efficient mailing, and a customer service program that is second to none. Just ask them.