The choice is yours!

Some people think it is good to look busy, to be seen working or to appear as though your plate is full. If this is you, please stop reading NOW. Do not go forward, Do not continue to the next paragraph. Do not collect $200 or more. If you’re still reading then you must be … [Read more…]

Which is more important to you?

Which is more important to you? a. To do it quickly? b. To do it easly? c. Or do it the right way? When you work with NeoFill, you won’t need to choose. We have streamlined our systems so that a transaction can be completed in under 5 minutes while working on any computer or … [Read more…]


It is all about timing. Start spreading the word in October to secure early-bird sales and build brand awareness. ⏰🐦


Adapt for the Holiday period. Changing the colors of your brochures, social media images, email newsletters and website can generate that Holiday feel. 🎉👏