NeoFill + Team Building

NeoFill can help employee Team Building

Some companies are all in with the idea of team building and others are now starting to see how the extravagant vacations and retreats at sweat lodges were a waste of money. Research is being done and showing that while building relationships within a team is important, these shared experiences are not the vehicle to use to build them. A better approach to building team is to allow the employees to share in a mutual experience in which they have a mutual interest and individual focus.

NeoFill can help build your team by providing a platform for co-workers to raise money for a common charity to compliment an auction that is already taking place. Departments can put their efforts toward securing deals from merchants that would include a certain number to sell with the proceeds going toward a community garden for instance. Other employees may have a passion for providing laptops to every student at a local school. Get them to work together and make that happen by using a NeoFill Donation Site. Not all online money is donated through GoFundMe, NeoFill can set that up for you on a customized Donation Site.

Our staff would love to help you think through the ways that your station can help develop stronger team relationships while still increasing your digital revenue and building strong community relationships instead of shipping employees off to New Zealand to learn the native dance of the Maori people as a group.

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