Using Videos to Promote

A recent article in Radio Ink Magazine by David Pring-Mill tells us that Video is a powerful tool in any marketer’s toolbox. A well-executed and strategically-promoted video may quickly appear in news feeds, across an array of social media platforms, and screens around the world.

The article goes on to say that…

  • Video offers an immeasurable opportunity for every brand.
  • Videos are easy to view.
  • Mobile networks are increasingly robust, reducing or eliminating load times.
  • Video also lends itself to our attention economy.
  • A video may inspire less resistance than a block of dry text, because it’s better able to masquerade as entertainment.

If you aren’t using videos in your NeoFill promotions then you are missing the boat! Our platforms allow for easy video loading within the item description as well as several other places on the site in general. Your customers will be happy to see that the items you are selling are of high quality and that the people using the items are who they want to be like!

Here are a few tips when loading a video to a NeoFill platform.

  • Make the video 30 seconds or less
  • Use vivid colors
  • Speak clearly but not very slowly
  • Include the item in every frame
  • If others are in your videos be sure that their facial expressions are selling your merchant item.
  • Have Fun With It! Highlight the item and the benefits to having the item, post the video to You Tube and then easily load it into the promotion on the NeoFill Platform.

We hope to see you in the movies soon!

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