The Lucky Number 13

When using NeoFill’s Deal Platform we recommend that a station works with one featured merchant each week.

This featured merchant is asked for 100 $50 vouchers that will sell on the Deal Platform for $25 each.  The station will then “feature” this merchant for a week during their morning show, often inviting the chef to the show or even doing a remote from the parking lot.  It is a super opportunity for a merchant who doesn’t typically have the advertising budget to be able to advertise on their local radio station. 

The station receives the revenue generated from the sale of these vouchers as well as a new marketing partner and the loyalty of the merchants clients/ customers. 

It really is a win! win! win! 

But then the questions begin.  Who?  Which?  HOW MANY?  This is a great question!  Especially because there are 52 weeks in a year!! It seems a bit overwhelming to engage 52 new marketing partners in one year.  That’s where the lucky number 13 comes in. 

Each quarter contains 13 weeks.  That means if you can get your new marketing partner to participate in your no cash outlay digital program just one time per quarter, you will only need 13 new marketing partners each year.  Once these partners are engaged, the station will be able to help highlight their new menu items or seasonal campaigns.  The merchant isn’t just on a list of accounts they are now one of 13 strategic partners of the station’s digital revenue stream.

For more tips and tricks, email us or give NeoFill a call at 866-311-9806 and ask for the Sales Team.

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