NeoFill + Team Building

NeoFill can help employee Team Building Some companies are all in with the idea of team building and others are now starting to see how the extravagant vacations and retreats at sweat lodges were a waste of money. Research is being done and showing that while building relationships within a team is important, these shared … [Read more…]

Using Videos to Promote

A recent article in Radio Ink Magazine by David Pring-Mill tells us that Video is a powerful tool in any marketer’s toolbox. A well-executed and strategically-promoted video may quickly appear in news feeds, across an array of social media platforms, and screens around the world. The article goes on to say that… Video offers an … [Read more…]

The Lucky Number 13

When using NeoFill’s Deal Platform we recommend that a station works with one featured merchant each week. This featured merchant is asked for 100 $50 vouchers that will sell on the Deal Platform for $25 each.  The station will then “feature” this merchant for a week during their morning show, often inviting the chef to … [Read more…]

NeoFill a Name you can Trust

NeoFill is in Hartville Ohio. It’s a small little town with antique shops and a chocolate factory. Not the kind of place you would expect a National Online Revenue Generation Company to be based. The occasional horse and buggy still drive past our windows. People come from all over Ohio to visit the famous Hartville … [Read more…]