Tips to Entice your Local Merchants

Everybody needs somebody sometimes… At least that’s what Dean Martin taught us. Whether they know it or not, your local merchants need you! Here are a few tips to entice your local merchants to advertise with your station. You can advertise with no cash upfront. You will have a marketing partner on board. You will … [Read more…]

Top 6 Best Practices for Online Auctions

NeoFill facilitates sales all across the country and we have found some basic fundamentals to be best practice. 6. Involve Merchants in the Promotion of the auction for one week prior to launch. 5. Use Print on Demand Fulfillment whenever possible 4. Include a Charity Piece 3. Only include items with a retail value greater … [Read more…]

Toil or Tool

When you feel like you have too much TOIL and you don’t need one more thing on your plate, use a NeoFill TOOL to help make life easier. Follow these simple steps to allow NeoFill’s platforms to help you in your everyday prospecting every day. Know what NeoFill platforms your station uses and how they … [Read more…]