Effortless Flow of Income How Online Auctions can Engage Audiences and Monetize Digital Assets Want supercharged, automated summer revenue? Allow NeoFill to help you monetize your digital assets by creating a scalable auction for your media group through NeoFill’s Online Auction Platform! HOW? Attract local businesses, engage your current audience, and increase your digital revenue … [Read more…]

Charity Donations

Include a charity piece – even in a standard auction, including a charity auction item will help boost the bids! The strategy, housed on our auction platform is called Help Us Give or H.U.G. The premise is simple, hold an auction – share the revenue with a charity – become relevant to the DUBS community. … [Read more…]

Tips and Tricks for Social Networking

    In today’s technological-savvy society, to generate more sales and continue to be successful, it is essential to have a presence on different social media platforms, marketing towards several target markets. NeoFill has compiled a list to assist each station increase content exposure, followers, and click-through rates. Doing this, companies can expect to gain … [Read more…]