Auction Item Setup

*Name of Business:
Auction Website or Call Letters:
Contact Name:
*Business Address:
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*Zip Code:
Business Phone:
Company Website:
*Auction Item Title:
(i.e. Stainless Steel Refrigerator. Keep title brief. A full description can be added in the item description area.)
Please note: items MUST be exact same in order to create duplicates. Creating similar items will allow the system to group these items into one promotional group. This will allow user to make changes, upload images, receive and submit certificate proof to all items that apply on time only.
Item Description:
Highlight your item by including a detailed description about your item here.
*Retail Value of Item:
Reserve Price (Optional):
The seller is not obligated to sell the item if the reserve price is not met. The reserve price is an undisclosed amount that is not revealed to the bidders. However, if you bid above the reserve price it will inform you that the amount has been met, which is located on the item screen.
*Starting Bid:
The amount where bidding starts. 20% - 30% of retail value is recommended.
Bid Increment (Optional):
If field is left blank by default items with a retail value under $250.00 will have a $5.00 increment and items with a retail value of $250 and over will have a $10.00 increment.
Buy Now Price (Optional):
If implemented, customers will have the option to buy the item out right at the price that you set.
*Is this Item Taxable:
If auction is held within the state of Ohio, tax is collected at time of checkout where applicable. If auction is outside the state of Ohio, customers will pay tax at merchant location (see tax forms for additional information on file). Site will display whether item is or is not taxable.
NeoFill Print (All print-on-demand):
You may choose to have Neofill create an auction voucher, utilize our print on demand service, or provided a merchant certificate.

  • If Neofill creating an auction voucher or producing a print on demand click here for additional information.
  • If merchant is providing a certificate, click here for a packing slip that should be completed and returned to Neofill with certificate(s).

Expiration Date (for actual item) (Optional):

Information must be in date format. Additional restrictions can be added in the Certificate Restrictions field below. Please check your state’s certificate laws to ensure expiration dates are valid. Gift card and gift certificate Statutes
Certificate Restrictions (Optional):
(*I.E. No cash back, sales tax not included) Click here for information regarding state certificate laws
Image URL (Optional):
This is the main image that will appear on your auction item. You may include the url of this image below (recommended to use picture of actual item or service). Five additional images may be added to the picture gallery using the administrative panel. If you prefer, you may upload this main image using the administrative panel as well once items have been loaded to the auction item.

  • Image size: 350 X 300 pixels
  • Remove any spaces or strange characters that are in the file name before loading.

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Important Notes:

Please Note: Deadline for completed form is 2 weeks prior to an auction launch date. Please discuss with the organizer of this auction to confirm deadlines as these may be different from NeoFill's drop deadline.

Content added to this form will appear "as is" on the auction site. **Please check to assure correct spelling, grammar usage, and any other additional information is accurate before submitting.

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