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Partial Pay used by default on all high priced items

So many stations realize the revenue potential of our auction platform by posting automobiles and other motor vehicles, NeoFill has chosen to make financing and various forms of alternate payment possible in a very simple way while maintaining the integrity of the auction and the winning bidder. Effective February 1st, the customer will now be charged a portion of the winning bid as an automatic payment when the starting bid is at or above $5,000 This will hold the bidder accountable immediately and the remainder of the winning bid can be easily paid at the merchant location. For more details call our team at 866-311-9806.

New Year “Kick Off”

Our NeoFill Team is here to help “Kick Off” the New Year with successful campaign ideas and bestselling strategies that we would love to have the opportunity to share with your team. We love making our sales team consultations interactive so that we can dive deeper into your program and help answer any questions your team may have. Please reach out to take advantage of this free refresher session!


Black Friday
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The Percolate Blog with helpful tips

Each week the NeoFill team posts to our percolate blog. We use this as a space to share thoughts and recent research etc. By staying connected to our blog, you can stay connected to your site. Sign up now to receive notifications when the Percolate Blog is updated.


Wide spread roll out of the AE LEVEL ADMIN including AE Communications

Realizing the our Media Group Partners are accomplishing much more with much fewer resources, we have streamlined the auction entry process to save you time and effort. The NeoFillBids entry system now has web based entry as well as multi tier access. No more bombarding one person in the office with all of the auction items. Each AE can enter their own information which can be approved before going live. AEs also have access to customized item reporting tools and communication features.


Black Friday
ski deals

Web Voucher Availability

Web vouchers are now available for your auction. You asked for it, we created it! Use this feature to include online stores in your auctions. Custom codes are able to be used or we will create a series for you.


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