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Tips & Best Practices

Perfection in Pairing

Perfectly pair a favorite dish and beverage. This creates a unique dining experience. Rather than just a simple offer, let your followers dine with ease. Perfection in Pairing. Allow NeoFill to offer great tips. Tips like how to combine deals at local restaurants. All the while you provide local businesses a package. A risk-free promotional…Read More

Seasonal Campaign Ideas for Media Stations

It’s time for some seasonal campaign ideas for all media stations. Fall is approaching, and students are going back to school.  It’s an endless cycle really and media stations are no exception. Organization needs to happen before the holiday rush is here and Fall is the perfect time to provide solutions. Your listening audiences needs…Read More

Turn Fall Harvest into a Revenue Harvest

Fall is a time for harvest. Farmers have spent months cultivating crops and preventing weeds, likewise, marketing is the same. The advertising industry isn’t that much different. As we have spent months cultivating relationships, preventing drop off and stopping takeovers. Fall can be a great time of harvest for us too. NeoFill can help you…Read More

Creating Genuine Marketing Partnerships

What does genuine marketing look like to your clients? Are you able to actually individualize the local merchant buy? What if they start out by letting you know they don’t have a budget for marketing? Do you move them to the “try again sometime soon list” and move on? It’s too easy to skip over…Read More

Are You Incorporating Social Tools?

Social Media Platforms are a force to be reckoned with. They allow you to change the pace, scale and cost of your marketing communications.  NeoFill is engaged on the Social Media Platforms so that you can be too.  Analytical tools and mass communications are used with a simple click of a button. The items selling on…Read More