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Tips & Best Practices

Work Less This Summer…

…and still make the same amount of revenue! Don’t consider the number of items in an auction as the criteria, many auctions can do well with only a few items that have a higher retail value. During the summer months when many of your staff members are on vacation, capitalize on large value items to…Read More

Follow Us On Instagram

Neofill has been building valued partnerships since 1999 and now we are building our Social Media Partnerships! Neofill wants to continue to connect with you this summer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! We have exciting summer contests where you can participate to win $25 or $50 gift cards of your choice. Fast, fun, and easy…Read More

Let’s Get Social

Let’s Get Social The first patent on the telephone was won in 1876.  Social Media became a term we understood in 2005.  No one ever made a fortune by simply owning a phone.  Nor will your station gain revenue by simply having a social media presence.  But, by picking up the phone, many have made…Read More

Generating Revenue With NeoFill

NeoFill Delivers Generating revenue through Half Off Deals, Ticketing Solutions, Online Storefronts and Online Auction Sales, NeoFill delivers success.  Over 500 stations across the country count NeoFill as their revenue generation partner. NeoFill is leading the industry in fulfillment options.  Unlike discount sites that have become trendy, NeoFill is able to offer multiple fulfillment solutions…Read More

Countdown to Summer

We’ve got your revenue roadmap for this summer covered Are you ready to make over $30,000 this summer? We’ve compiled a list of our top selling campaign ideas that are proven to make at least $30,000. Foodie Friday: Summer is the perfect time to dine al fresco and what a better way to dine than…Read More