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Tips & Best Practices

New Auction Updates

  Updates to Your Auction New Auction Features & Tools AVAILABLE     Partial Pay used by default on all high priced items So many stations realize the revenue potential of our auction platform by posting automobiles and other motor vehicles, NeoFill has chosen to make financing and various forms of alternate payment possible in…Read More

Get Ready to Give

Is your Charity site set up? If so then your 2018 giving is off to a great start! If not, don’t panic just yet. NeoFill is able to set up a charity site for you and get it ready to go in less then 48 hours!! The NeoFill Auction Platform paired with a NeoFill Donation…Read More

Bling in the New Year

  Bring Back Your Best Selling Deals. Who were your top 3 most successful deal partners? It’s time to give them credit they deserve and help them make Holiday Revenue! View This Promotion » Ski Deals… Make an extra $30,000 running weekly ski deal promotions! Start Planning Today » Holiday Ticketing Events… NeoFill can fulfill…Read More

Liquidate Leftover Inventory with a Flash Sale

  Liquidate Leftover Inventory with a Flash Sale Fast & Easy Way to Drive Sales in December Determine days of the sale Confirm special promo code or markdown price for your deals. (percentage or flat markdown price) Indicate which promotions will be a part of the sale. Quick & Easy Online Setup Questions about getting…Read More